What's In Production?

Please Read Carefully

The info on this page is to inform our customers on the items we are working on in the near future.  ("future" here is defined as: in the next few weeks).  Instead of going to the website each day to see if something is back in stock or wondering if you will ever receive an email from the wait list, come to this page for general info.  Items on this list are to help you and your planning.  NOTHING IS GUARENTEED.

The list below in the top 5 are what we are working on right now and should be in stock soon.  We update this list at least every Sunday, sometimes twice a week.  Items that are further down the list are a very "general" production "wish list" to us that may be very fluid.  As items work their way up the list they are more likely to be the next in line for production.

We always encourage you to click on the "WAIT LIST" button for a particular item.  Our system automatically emails you when the items you sign up for come back in stock.  We usually release wait list emails 6pm - 7pm CST any given evening.  THANK YOU!

Last updated:  12-31-20

1.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Even though 2020 was challenging,  our loyal customers made it a great online success, THANK YOU!
2.  GEVO engines:  Norfolk Southern Sonic Bonnets.   Small batch of gondolas with these engines.
3.  GEVO engines:  Norfolk Southern Red and Blue Mane sets
6.  Tank cars
7.  Working on an updated design of our RR Crossing, keep you posted.
8.  New 3" Valentines Day car
10.  THINK "EASTER"!  It's early this year.  Accumulate those items as they become available.  Get on the wait list!
18.  uncommon special track and straight track
19.  switcher engines
20.  GEVO engines:  Conrail, SP, SP/UP, CP, CSX, NS, BNSF, UP

With the enormous amount of orders for our products over the last few months, you can tell by the out of stock items that we simply cannot keep up with demand.  If you are interested in our items for special gifts you might want to grab things that are in stock as they become available and accumulate those items.  PLEASE do not think for a second that you can put your shopping list off and purchase everything your little engineer wishes for all at one time.

Since we will not be doing any train shows this year we will be leaving the website active up to and through the holiday season, unlike years passed.

We thank you for your support and your patience!